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Meet Chloe, the heart behind the screen with over 1.2 million followers, crafting a cozy haven on TikTok and Instagram as @lovechloejane. Based in beautiful South Australia, her days revolve around breathing new life into her 140-year-old cottage, managing a quaint bed and breakfast, and sharing joy with her mini goats and fluffy cows.

In Chloe's world, each social post is a genuine slice of her rustic life. From hands-on cottage renos + DIY masterpieces, to sweet moments with her furry companions, Chloe invites you into the warm embrace of simplicity and creativity.

Between daily wellness tips, practical DIY inspiration, and the heartwarming antics of farm life with goats, Chloe runs a successful podcast called The Sunshine Project, where she really does provide a daily dose of positivity, hands-on creativity, and a reminder to listeners that well-being can be found right where you are. 

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