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Brisbane-based Christina Zumbo is a breath of fresh air in the fitness and wellness space. 

Amassing 4.2M likes in just under a year, Christina is flipping the script on your

traditional 'fitness' influencer, showing real, raw ups and

downs of fitting self-care into her busy 9-5.


Just a year into her journey as an online creator, Christina continues to dominate the foodie and fashion space with her original approach to content creation. From her morning routines

and GRWM’s to beautifully shot ‘day in the life’ videos and recipe creations,

she’s an up-and-comer with a genuine take on content creation. 

A certified Pilates instructor and Project Manager Christina is a true all-rounder and through

her continual growth in the space she’s been able to work with brands such as

YouFoodz, Mco Beauty, Whitlock’s, Heinz and Auguste the Label.

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