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Lara Severino, also known as @carbsmakeitokay, is a multifaceted creator whose passion for travel, beauty, fashion, and lifestyle shines through her captivating content. Based in metropolitan Sydney, Lara seamlessly weaves together her love for exploring new destinations with her keen sense of style and beauty.


Born with an innate wanderlust and an appreciation for the finer things in life, Lara takes her audience on a journey of discovery, showcasing the world's most picturesque locations while sharing her insights into the latest beauty and fashion trends. A trusted Gen-Z voice within the influencer landscape, Laras audience looks to her for all the best recommendations, whether thats in beauty, fashion or the hottest new place for a bite to eat. Promoting body positivity and female empowerment, particularly for those with bigger busts, through her engaging series and meticulous wear-testing of clothing pieces, Lara amplifies inclusivity in fashion while fostering a supportive community for individuals of all shapes and sizes.


As @carbsmakeitokay, Lara proves that travel isn't just about ticking off bucket list destinations it's about embracing new experiences, savouring every moment, and, of course, enjoying plenty of carbs along the way.

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