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Comedian and Actress Emily is TikTok's new kid on the block, a beach sprinter and athlete by day and a viral sensation in her free time; Em has comedy chops and engagement to swoon over.

Born and raised in Perth, WA Emily has been a competitive athlete for most of her life, across both beach sprinting and hockey Em has kicked up a storm in the Australian sporting community with her vivacious attitude and positive approach to both sports. It wasn’t until 2021 that Emily’s online career took off, creating digestible and hilarious (also slightly addictive) comedy skits across

TikTok and Instagram Em quickly found her audience and niche on both platforms.

Now with a collective audience of over 500k Em continues to go viral

daily with her quick wit and relatable, Australian humour. 


Beyond her comedic talents, Emily also uses her platform to spread positivity and encourage

self-expression making her a true all-rounder and favoured role-model in the AU

influencer landscape. Working as an ambassador for leading brands like SONY,

The Athlete’s Foot, Redbull, Spotify and ANZ Em is just getting started!


With her infectious smile and undeniable talent, Emily Grosser continues to make waves in the TikTok community, leaving a lasting impact on her audience. As she explores new avenues

for creative expression and continues to inspire others, the future holds limitless

possibilities for this vibrant Australian entertainer.

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