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Sydney-based Former Australian Athlete of the Year and World Champion sprinter Katie Williams is a force to be reckoned with. A prominent health & wellness creator, podcast host and fitness instructor Katie is a true all-rounder and in-demand media personality. 


Beginning as one of the country’s leading beach sprinters forming part of the iconic Australian Surf Life Saving roster, Katie has since won several awards for her athletic achievements including

Junior World Champion and Australian Athlete of the year. With 6 Gold Metals and a

Bachelor of Sports and Exercise Management under her belt,

Katie Williams can not only walk the walk but talk it too! 


Along with her athletic achievements, Katie is a prominent health and wellness creator known

for her fiery personality and motivational online content. Katie has partnered with leading

lifestyle brands such as Kellogg’s, Samsung, HOKAS, Lululemon and StyleRunner. Katie is

also a regular contributor to and voice of publications like Women’s Health,

Body & Soul and has appeared as a cover girl for Women’s

Fitness - truly dominating both digital and print media.

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