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Melbourne-based sustainable fashion enthusiast and lover of vintage, Keely Bradley's distinctively unpredictable sense of style has proven addictive to her audience of over 100K. Keely shares her daily outfits and beauty regimes that inspire creativity and the push to shop second-hand,

whilst maintaining her Melbourne ‘It Girl’ status by adding modern touches

and accessories to take her looks to the next level.


Living with a chronic illness, Keely advocates strongly for those living with invisible diseases and uses her platform as an educational tool and platform for those struggling with similar disabilities. 


Her home recently featured on Refinery29’s Sweet Digs series is a maximalist's dream space, filled with relics and pre-loved goods from the 70s, Keely carries her passion for mindful

consumption throughout all areas of her life, including her beautiful home. 


Through her online success, Keely has been able to partner with some of her most favourite
brands such as The Iconic, Bed Threads Beyond the Valley Festival, Truly and Sportsgirl.

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