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  • TikTok

Interior designer turned lifestyle creator extraordinaire, Loui Burke is dominating the TikTok landscape with his beautifully unique approach to interior design content creation.

Amassing over 3.5 million likes in just one year, Loui’s now-viral page is an IRL Pinterest

board, featuring a range of content from design and styling tips, to in-depth store

tours, product reviews and walk-throughs of his beautiful home in Melbourne.

With years as a Creative Director and Designer under his belt, Loui is able to speak with

authority to his audience of 200k+ gen Z and millennial design lovers who come

to his page first for the best inspo and recommendations. 


Fresh off-home tours with both Design Files and Bed Threads, through his online success

Loui has had the opportunity to partner with some of his dream brands including

Maison Margiela, MECCA, Maison Balzac, MYER and Architectural Digest.

Asset 146.png
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