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Maddie Begala has redefined the genre of ‘how-to’ recipe content. Rejecting the notion that recipe instructions have to be straightforward and boring, Maddie under her pseudonym

“Pinch of Maddie” or “Pinchy” injects her trademark comedy, dance moves and

scene-setting to deliver recipe content that entertains. 


Whether it’s a dish inspired by viral TV sensation ‘House of Dragons’ or the latest Harry Styles scandal, Maddie’s ability to pinpoint a dish to a pop-culture moment makes her a foodie creator that is truly one of a kind. As a trained dietician, and her background as a Product

Developer at Coles, she clearly has the gravitas to back up her delicious creations. 


Maddie has collaborated with a range of foodie and lifestyle brands, including

Mister Zimi, Lavazza, Chadstone Shopping Centre and Kip & Co.

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