Day Mgmt is so excited to announce that they are now representing Shonee Fairfax. Fan favourite off the back of Survivor, Shonee placed top ten for both of her Survivor stints, season 2 and the 2020 All Stars season, capturing the heart of the nation while doing so. Her sass, island beauty routine and positive attitude ensured that she amassed tens of thousands of loyal Shonee fans, demanding that they see more #shontent on their TV screens. In her signature red dress and accessorised with her hair clip, the Shonee Effect was put into motion – with fans around the country dressing up in Shonee’s signature style for the TV’s finale and even Mardi Gras.

Now back on home soil, Shonee is based in Noosa with her playful Dalmation Penny surrounded by picturesque palm trees. Shonee continues to be beauty obsessed, covering her latest discoveries, as well as producing a weekly snack report on the most delicious treats.

Most recently, Shonee has also launched a podcast with her Survivor BFF Fenella, called ‘Just Shonella Things’. Follow along all of her #ishonic adventures over at @shoneefairfax.