2020 sure has been a crazy ride so far. With the worldwide impact of COVID19, it has completely changed the influencer landscape.

With the government regulations, Australians have found themselves in lockdown at home. While all content absolutely has to be sensitive to the current climate, this ‘new normal’ also presents an opportunity to innovate and create new ways to connect and reach out to audiences. From the initial lockdown guidelines, social media saw a 76% spike in engagement with screen time up more than ever. 

Consumers were online and looking for light entertainment in IGTVs, seeking inspiration in cooking tutorials and DIY projects, turning to beauty tutorials and spending more time on TikTok than ever before.

Our Day Mgmt talent have used this time to turn up the notch on their content. Brand collaborations have to be clever, mindful of their tone and cut through all the noise. Our talent have cemented themselves during this time as influencers of value, adding value in their content, their conversations and their podcasts. 

We’ve found great success partnering with brands such as San Remo Pasta who engaged Flex Mami, MasterChef’s Khanh Ong and the Real Dads of Melbourne to share their pantry pasta recipes at home.

Aperol turned to Jess Rae King to show off her Friday knock off drinks with the girls over Zoom, featuring an Aperol Spritz of course.  

Bangn Body selected Shonee Fairfax and Sarah Davidson to outline their isolation self care routines, and how they wind down with a face mask.  

Shameless are hosting a virtual wine tasting with Brown Brothers featuring their own bespoke wine pack, inviting their audience to join them for an Instagram Live and taste along with Zara and Michelle.

Jess Alizzi inspired us all with her UNIQLO working-from-home outfits that were cosy but chic. 

Bunnings invited Sarita Holland to take over their 250k strong Instagram account and host an Instagram Live talking us through her home renovation DIY projects while in isolation. 

Fantastic Furniture worked closely with both Flex Mami and Shameless to show us how to give your lounge room a glow up for when your couch is sometimes also your home office.

This is just a handful of our isolation campaigns that connect with consumers on a deeper level, open conversations and provide value in inspired content. This is the content that we love to create. We can’t wait to see how else brands evolve and pivot in the industry, and how we can continue to work together during COVID19.