Sarah Davidson launched the Seize the Yay podcast in 2018, spreading joy and sharing inspirational tales from business owners, entrepreneurs and media personalities on a weekly basis. Since then, it’s become one of the most successful Australian podcasts and has seen Sarah interviewing huge names including Miranda Kerr, Gary Vee, Guy Sebastian and Jay Shetty.

The concept of building a life you love, as ‘busy’ and ‘happy’ aren’t the same thing, has inspired millions of listeners, and in September 2020 became the ethos of Sarah’s first book, also titled ‘Seize the Yay.’

‘Seize the Yay’, from Murdoch Books, follows Sarah’s journey from M&A lawyer to fun-trepreneur with her first business Matcha Maiden. It explores the biggest lessons from her most inspirational podcast guests, and within it’s pre-sale release on Booktopia was already listed as a ‘trending’ book, and on their ‘selling fast’ list.

Since it’s release, ‘Seize the Yay’ has received a number of 5 star reviews on Good Reads, Booktopia and consumer-lead book clubs.

The perfect Christmas gift to inspire your love ones, you can purchase your own copy of ‘Seize the Yay’ by Sarah Davidson here.