Chances are you knew about Khanh Ong before he appeared on TV screens across the nation in 2018. Renowned DJ and Melbourne personality, Khanh has a range of talents and a unique style that makes him stand out in any crowd. Not to mention, the man can cook.

In 2018, Khanh appeared on MasterChef where he quickly became a crowd favourite and placed third in the competition. Winning a slew of challenges that saw Khanh serve up dishes at iconic restaurant Vue de Monde, rub shoulders with Nigella Lawson and create lasting friendships with the other contestants.

Now whether he’s on the decks at the hottest parties or creating the spiciest dish with enticing flavours, Khanh’s loyal and engaged audience of 44,000 and growing are along for the ride. His social feed is a colourful and flamboyant mix and never boring.

Branded collaborations with Khanh are so much more than just a social post. Khan’s unique and diverse set of skills see him emceeing events, hosting cooking demonstrations, crafting bespoke recipes, creating video content, promoting the latest menswear and sharing a behind the scenes look at the most exclusive events and experiences.

Follow @khanhong to come along for the wild ride, and check out some of his highlights below: