Podcast host, producer and all-round extraordinaire Sarah Davidson returns at the helm of PayPal’s branded podcast, the Adaptables.

We partnered with PayPal in season one of the Adaptables to explore business innovation within 2020’s unprecedented times. PayPal’s committed to supporting all of their merchants, and especially small businesses, and this series produced and hosted by Sarah Davidson followed fascinating founders about their pivot to success within the pandemic. Sarah shared her own lessons among the start-ups and business owners, and the 5 part episode series received raved reviews both locally and from listeners globally.

Because of this world-wide reception, PayPal’s season 2 of the Adaptables is back and this time, we’ve gone global! Sarah sat down (virtually) with business owners from Canada, America, England and France to see if all of our learnings and lessons are the same. Their stories blew us away of agility, innovation, resilience and courage – and we can’t wait to share the new episodes, dropping every Monday.

You can listen to PayPal’s branded podcast, The Adaptables, hosted and produced by Sarah Davidson here.