You may have noticed Sarah Holloway’s appointment as a Nike Running Ambassador since January this year. Sarah has tracked her journey as a non-running yogi to completing the Run Melbourne half marathon. As the perfect representation of a running convert, she was hand-picked to attend the epic global launch of the new Nike Joyride running shoe in Seoul, Korea.

The Nike Joyride is the shoe that embraces the ‘reluctant runner’ it was built on 10 years of development to make running just that little bit easier, more comfortable and of course joyful! It’s the first shoe that is using beads instead of foam that moulds to your specific foot for customised cushioning and as Sarah puts it ‘Absolutely feels like RUNNING ON CLOUDS.’

Sarah and a few others were lucky enough to be flown to Seoul with Nike for the global launch in an epic three-day extravaganza, they were lucky to wear the joyrides around Seoul and immerse themselves in the culture of the city and give the Joyrides their first road test, Sarah’s Joyride Diary Part 1 and Part 2 via her Instagram Tv!

Sarah while in Korea, interviewed Nike Senior Product Line Manager/ Biomedical Engineer and spin teacher extraordinaire William Moroski on her podcast Seize The Yay to answer some questions to break down the innovation and how the Nike Joyride supports the reluctant runner, you can listen to the episode here.

The Nike Joyrides are available to purchase here.