At the start of July, our very own Sarah Holloway has officially announced she is the face of Premedy Australia Probiotics a new range of probiotics that support general health and wellbeing. Sarah who is known for her passion for health, wellbeing, nutrition and food and creativity and her strong approach of incorporating them into her life. Sarah was impressed by Premedy’s commitment to the advocacy of holistic health and its range of naturally sourced AND fridge free probiotics really spoke out to her, especially in this fast-paced day and age.

Premedy considers complementary medicine based on scientific and traditional research, lifestyle factors and how we interact with our environments to create products that help maintain health and wellbeing, starting with your very own ecosystem. The new range by Premedy has 5 probiotic products – Daily Probiotic 15, High Strength, Immune, Children’s Probiotic 15 and Children’s Immune  Probiotic.

As the official face of Premedy Australia Probiotics, to celebrate the launch Sarah hosted a microbiome friendly cooking class in Sydney led by Lee Holmes of Supercharged Food.

You can follow Sarah’s Premedy ambassador journey at @spoonful_of_sarah , and see images from the launch below: