Prue Richardson is the beauty and brands behind ‘A Broke Girl’s Blog’. Created in February 2014 by the Journalism & Communication’s then student (now graduate), Prue founded a place to embody the ultimate fashion enthusiast & bargain hunter. Showcasing her go-to affordable shopping destinations, as well as a broke-girl guide to saving, holidaying and revamping your wardrobe for less.

In 2018, Prue decided to graduate from the Broke Girl’s life. Now a little bit older, with a bit more cash in the bank, Prue is sharing her beautifully curated life via @PrudenceKate. Prue’s page still reflects the bargain hunter she is at her core while also incorporating some of the finer things in life – because it’s all about balance.

Based in Brisbane, Prue has become a well-known fashion influencer and one of Queensland’s best. Most recently, Prue was selected as one of four fashion influencers to be featured in Cosmopolitan China! Her growing audience adore her quirky tone of voice, distinctively different content and statement long locks. You can check out Prue’s killer style below, or follow her Instagram and blog: