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Artist, thought-leader, creative, activist and businesswoman – Rachael Sarra defines what it means to be influential in 2023. Under her business name Sarra Creative (@sar.ra__), she

explores life as a contemporary First Nations artist from Goreng Goreng Country,

and uses art as a powerful tool in storytelling to educate and

share her culture and its evolution.

With a penchant for feminine colour palettes and pops of pink, her work is instantly recognisable thanks to her distinctive style. Rachael has created bespoke artwork for high profile product collaborations such as Frank Body, JAGGAD Activewear, the Body Shop, Matrix

Haircare and LVLY Flowers to name a few. 


In addition to her talented artworks, Rachael also uses her platform to candidly share BTS

from her life living in Brisbane, whether her favourite makeup looks,

inclusive fashion options, dating stories or travel adventures.

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