On their first date 16 years ago, Melbourne-based Jarrad and Michael Duggan-Tierney talked about their shared life dream of becoming parents.

Today, the recently engaged, self-styled couple are the proud parents of immaculately dressed, pocket-rocket Reid, 7 years old. Thanks to an Indian surrogate, their lives could not be more fabulous!

Sharing their love of family, travel, interior design as well as a passion in campaigning for equality, Jarrad and Michael take great pride and pleasure in sharing their lives, and Reid’s antics on @the_real_dads_of_melbourne . Reids daily dance routines, attempts at cooking and energetic exploring of the world around him both delight and inspire their fast-growing social media following.

Collaborating alongside such brands as Mercedes Benz, Lego and YouFoodz and supporting charities like TLC for Kids who provide rapid support for sick kids and their families, The Real Dads of Melbourne are a modern Australian family “sharing their lives in tiny squares”.

Jarrad, Michael and Reid have been published in many media publications, most recently, they were honoured to feature in an article for the NY Times,as gay parents promoting acceptance and love in the Australian marriage equality debate.

When Reid was asked what was “the most special thing about two dads”, he replied: “It’s the same as everyone else.”