Tully Smyth is a reality TV star, media personality and social media butterfly. With a loyal and devoted Instagram audience of over 230,000, she shares insights into her sparkly and exciting life, showcasing her favourite food, fitness, beauty and fashion trends. 

Visual content creator, media personality and writer, Tully has previously written for Marie Claire, FHM and Pedestrian.tv. She now pens her own blog with Young Blood Social and Young Blood Travel.

Tully’s strengths lie not only behind her various screens, but also in front of the camera.

She has appeared on Big Brother, been a “Generation Y panelist” on Channel 9’s Mornings as well as a presenter for various online travel series which saw her exploring the UK with STA Travel, Cook Islands with Pedestrian.TV and most recently the USA with Contiki.

Earlier this year, Tully was given the honour of hosting the Twitter Blue Room at this year’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week which saw her interview the who’s who in Australian fashion including “They All Hate Us”, proving her skills both as an interviewer and fashionista.